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3 Things You Can't Ignore When Going Out in Chandigarh

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Staying at home from the last seven months? Bored out of your mind and looking for someplace to go out in Chandigarh?

Needless to say, Chandigarh is a lively place. Here you will find many places to visit and burst your stress. When you explore our website, you will find the best places in Chandigarh.

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Hope you have decided where to go. But hold-on! The risk of COVID-19 is still there! However, we understand that you need some space to enjoy your life again. So, we are here with the major precautions you need to consider.

Let's have a look at what you can do to be safe.

1) Carry sanitizer everywhere

If you are a girl, then it's time to make sanitizer's place in your purse. No matter if you forget your lipstick, liner, mascara, and so at home but never forget sanitizer.

And if you are a boy, keep sanitizer in your vehicle plus have a small bottle of sanitizer, you can carry in your pocket.

Although the authorities will take all the required safety measures to keep the people safe, what's the harm in taking precautions from your side? Its time to make sanitizer your companion. And if possible, wash your hands frequently.

2) Wear a mask

No matter if you have forgotten to wear makeup or your favorite watch. But never forget to wear a mask.

There are two things which can ruin your day because of not wearing mask -

  1. Heavy fine (Do you want to waste your bucks because you haven't followed the rule?)

  2. You are inviting coronavirus (Are you planning to spend the coming 14 days with Corona Virus?)

No, Right? Then why are you doing things which can turn against you? So, it is better to take all the norms seriously set by the government for our safety.

3) Maintain Social distance

Being selfish, in some cases, is what life demands from you at that point. Not getting what I am trying to say?

Let's take a hypothetical situation. You have a friend or an acquaintance who roam around a lot and meet numerous people. And you don't even know whether they are following the norms or not. And you have a joint family at home which has elders, infants, teenagers, and so.

What if, by chance, you became corona virus-positive just because of your that friend. In this scenario, you are not only making your life at risk but also the infants, elders, and those who don't have strong immunity. Would you ever be able to recover the loss once it is done?

Feeling bad already? So, it must be your duty to avoid getting too close to someone. Keep your distance, and enjoy your day.

Always ensure your own safety and the safety of your loved ones. Most of the malls, bars, and restaurants in Chandigarh ensure their customers' safety in the best possible way. Still, you can't ignore your own safety.

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