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5 Best Places To Enjoy The Nightlife Of City Beautiful

Have you ever thought about why we have concepts like day life and nightlife? No? Then you might think about it right now. Okay, wait, let me help you with this.

Let's know it better with the most common phrases which you use almost daily. Just observe while daytime everyone is like 'i have classes', 'i am again late for the office', 'i have to meet the deadline today' and so. All these imply to only one thing, and that is 'you are busy'.

But when you reach your saturation point (the point where you decide to quit things) there the magic of nightlife begins with messages and calls like 'we are going to club, wanna join?', 'let's hang out' and so on.

Nightlife indeed is the best stress buster only if it is happening one; otherwise, you will be like those who went straight to sleep at 8 pm.

Now the question is, do you want to enjoy the nightlife of Chandigarh to its fullest? Yes? Then this article is just for you. So, it is time to sit, relax, and fix your gaze on the screen and let's have a glimpse of what Chandigarh's nightlife has for you in the treasure.

Let's explore the most happening places in Chandigarh.

1) Qizo

'The first impression is the last impression', and Qizo knows how to win the hearts of the people. The style of Qizo will leave you mesmerised to the core. In the time of taking pictures of every step you take, it is the place which has the capability to provide you with what you are looking for (exceptionally dazzled ambience). Especially the 'bar area' trust me that should be the first snap on your feed.

And if we talk about the services provided there, then again there is no match for Qizo. Every dish you will try, you will end up licking your fingers. They provide Wi-Fi, Smoking area, home delivery, Live music, hookah and so on.

Have you just read Live Music? Oh yes, Qizo is the place to find everything under one roof. The Dj will make you live in the movement. So what are you waiting for tasty food, great ambience, best songs and dance floor is just waiting for you? Go hit the floor and show the world your moves and yes they have the best draughts available.

Zomato - 4.3/5

EazyDiner - 4.2/5

Dineout - 4.5/5

Address - SCO 43, Madhya Marg, Sector 26, Chandigarh, 160019

Image Source - Facebook | Image Credits -

2) 26 Boulevard

Another name in the list of most mesmerising places is Boulevard. If you love your taste buds, this place is must go for you. The live music and the Dj just make it more happening. Imagine your self sitting at the spellbinding place, with luscious food and the soul-soothing music. Oh my God, what else you want to burst your stress better than this?

Even if you want to visit Boulevard in the day time, you will end up posting numerous pictures on your social media platform. Trust me, you can't resist the beauty of this place.

Zomato - 4.2/5

Dineout - 4.5/5

Address - SCO 43, Madhya Marg, Sector 26, Chandigarh, 160019

Image Source - Facebook | Image Credits -

3) Chandiland

Chandiland is another remarkable place to hang out with your friends. This is best known for its music and hookah. If you are a hookah lover, then you know which place is just for you. The ambience is add on to the services they provide. There is the use of lively colours and decor to fill in the spirits of people who visit Chandiland.

The live music band and the Dj have their way to add a feather in the cap. This place is the whole package of good food, best hookah, high spirited band, and many more things.

Zomato - 4/5

Eazydiner - 4.1/5

Address - SCO 8A, Madhya Marg, Sector 7, Chandigarh

Image Source - Facebook | Image Credits -

4) Culture Brew Exchange

Although it might be a new arrival in the list of clubs and lounges offering the best nightlife experience then also it has some magic to itself. The place offers a terrific menu along with crafted beers and hookah. It is becoming 'second home for many youngsters' who love to enjoy every bit of time, no matter whether it is day or night.

The most suitable time to visit this place is on weekends when it is full crowded up and packed. The vibe of the place can transport you to some other soothing land.

Zomato - 3.9/5

Dineout - 4.5/5

Address - SCO 1, Sector 26, Chandigarh

Image Source - Facebook | Image Credits -

5) Bargain Booze

The last but not the least in the list is Bargain Booze. A new place for people to chill and relax. The indoors and outdoors add on to the grandeur of the place. And if you want to take away food item, you are allowed to do so here. Another place to go is you are a hookah lover.

The place is quite spacious and also includes an area for private parties and meetings. The staff here are quick to guide you to a table and list the specials.

Zomato - 3.7/5

Dineout - 4.4/5

Address - SCO 33, Sector 26, Chandigarh

Image Source - Facebook | Image Credits -

So, are you ready to make your weekend more exciting than ever before? Alert! Alert! You are going to fall in love with each place mentioned above. Choosing one among such won't be an easy task to do. Let the space of your heart be filled with the best memories that you are about to make.

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