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5 Places to Order Food Online and Enjoy at Home

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Planning an exciting weekend with your family and friends? Great!

You might have already decided on all the fun activities you want to enjoy with everyone.But what about food? Not in a mood to go out due to COVID-19 fear? Then, what to do?

You can cook at home and enjoy food with your family. Sounds boring, right? Let's order some food from eateries in Chandigarh and enjoy it at home. When you order food at home, it is much safer, and also, you can enjoy yummy food with your friends and family.

We have a list of five perfect food delivery restaurants in Chandigarh to help you ordering tasty and quality food. So, here we go!


You can order pleasant-tasting food from Food@U if living in Chandigarh. They have a wide variety of Continental, North Indian, South Indian, Chinese dishes. Their team is very professional, and they ensure good quality packing of food to reach the customer in the same condition it was prepared. They also provide on-time delivery.

Planning to order from Food@U? If yes, then you must try their tandoori snacks - Chicken Tikka and Paneer Malai Tikka.

Domino's Pizza

Are you a pizza lover? Satisfy your pizza craving with Domino's pizza. Whether you are an extra cheese lover or thin crust pizza, they have a huge variety of veg and non-veg pizzas that can satisfy your hunger and pizza craving well. If you would like to have some dessert with pizza, then don't forget to order their choco-lava cake.

Contact your nearest Domino's pizza outlet and order your favorite pizza. You can also order through their online app.


Are you looking for healthy Subs and mouth-watering salads? If yes, then look no further than Subway. Due to tremendous variety of veg and non-veg subs, Subway can be the best option for you. They give you the choice to choose the bread, vegetables, and sauces. You can modify your sub by adding your choice of vegetables and sauces. Here you will get what you like.

You can call the nearest Subway outlet to order Subs and salads now.

The Night Factory

Mid-night craving? The Night Factory can help you out. Get delicious food anytime you feel hungry. They offer North Indian, Chinese, Continental, Italian dishes to their clients anytime they order even at 1 a.m.with their late-night service. Explore their menu card, and you will find some amazing dishes that you can't resist to order.

Not able to decide what to order? You can give a try to Fusilli mushroom Pasta in the mixed sauce. Call them to order your food tonight.


Are you in a mood to eat roti with finger-licking chicken? Check out Chawla's menu today! They are known for tasty Indian food, especially non-veg dishes. It is the perfect place to order food for the family gatherings.

You can order from any nearest Chawla's store. Going to order food? Wait! Don't forget to add butter chicken and Naan in the order list.

Hope you enjoyed the list of different eateries in Chandigarh from where you can order food online.

Stay Home! Stay Safe! Order Now!

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