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Get Ready to Enjoy Big Screen in Chandigarh

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Have you started feeling like gone are the days when you were roaming freely in Chandigarh? Has Netflix become your new Theatre? Are you still buying more night suites than casual or party dresses?

Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop Right there. Because for all the cinema lovers, a piece of good news waits for you at the corner. Wondering what it is? PVRs are about to re-open super soon (Wooooahhh!!) in Chandigarh. Excited to get back to your normal routine?

The time has come to lead a normal life but with precautions because the danger has not yet changed.

And if we talk about the authorities of PVRs in Chandigarh, then from their side as well the precaution will be taken care of like -

1) Disinfecting halls

Before starting a show, the cinema hall will be disinfected. And even once the show is over, the cleaning staff will disinfect the Theatre again. Your temperature will be checked whether you have a normal temperature or not before entering the Cinema hall in Chandigarh.

2) Sanitize hands

Your hands will be sanitized before entering the Theatre, and it might be the scenario where you have to wear gloves to keep you safe from getting in direct contact with any surface. After the show, you can dispose of the gloves but don’t forget to sanitize your hands or wash your hands as often as you can.

3) Staff will wear a mask

The people who will look forward to your booking or arrangement or who will take your orders will wear a mask. And if you see someone not wearing a mask, you can complain or simply ask to wear the mask.

4) Social distancing

The authorities will follow the norm of social distancing. However, it is not clear what steps the authorities will take to maintain social distancing for the time being. But the norms will be followed, and that is for sure.

On a happy note, you will be free to get your normal life back but on some conditions which you have to follow. So, be ready to watch and enjoy movies in Chandigarh with your friends or family and be safe.

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