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Places You Must Visit To Burst Your Stress In Chandigarh

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Do you want to explore the beauty of your dream city? Are you looking for relaxing a bit? Wondering which place you must choose? Yes? All your questions have the answers in this article. All you have to do is to sit with coffee in your hand and read the whole article.

Chandigarh is the place which is suitable for every person irrespective of whether they are students, working professionals, old age people, those who want to live the night to its fullest, those who seek pleasure in the lap of silence or so on. Once you start living in Chandigarh trust me there is no going back.

Let’s have a glimpse of which places you can visit.

1) Sukhna Lake

Are you one among those morning people who love to watch a beautiful sunrise? Or the one who wants to sit near the lake to experience the soothing effects of nature?

If yes, then Sukhna Lake is the what you are searching for. Sukhna lake is the apple of the eye of locals as well as visitors. No matter what time of day it is you can always expect people there. Even surrounded by people you can still experience peace.

Even in the evening, you will see people from varied age groups some bunch of college students hanging around playing the guitar and singing songs, old age people doing their exercise, some enjoying the boat rides amid the lake, and some just analysing the surrounding and capturing every passing second through their camera of the eye to cherish the scenery.

Isn’t it soothing and relaxing?

2) PVRs

What's better than to relax while watching a movie with popcorns? You have a wide variety to choose from like you can choose Elante or Centra mall or so on. If you want to do shopping before than leant is best for you.

Movies are made to provide you with relaxation. Indeed it is the best way to burst your stress as for 2-3 hours you can just forget about your frustration and stress because you are so much engrossed in guessing what will happen in the next scene.

Agree or not watching movies on a big screen has some enthralling effect on you.

3) Clubs and Pubs

Those who find solace in the crowd can go to clubs. Chilling with your loved ones and dancing on every beat has the power to give you the relaxation you are searching for.

Just imagine you are stressed and there are two roads one which is gloomy and poorly built and on the other side the second road is properly lit up, well built, people are walking and dancing on it. Which one will you choose?

The answer will lead you to the best clubs in Chandigarh with every dance move you will brush off the stress away. You can enjoy quality time at MOBE, QUIZO, Pyramid, The Great Bear, Boulevard and so many more.

What are you waiting for? The dance floor is just waiting for your dance moves.

4) Eateries

Food has the way to your soul. Thinking about what can happen over a cup of coffee? Major life decisions can be done over a cup of coffee whether it be proceeding towards getting hitched for life or taking your business to a new level or doing group studies(where you never study) and so on.

There are so many eateries where they can transfer you to dream taste land. Looking for a bunch of names then Nik Bakers, CCD, Sec 8 eating joints and so much more.

Just be ready to lose in the everlasting taste of best. You will end up licking your fingers and repeating your order.

5) Elante

Do you know doing things you love can reduce your stress? Do you have a better option than going for shopping? Elante is the one-stop for all you will get all the heart winning brands under one roof and of course if you get hungry while roaming around you can eat as well.

And if after doing all the shopping stuff your eyes get a glimpse of new Rom-Com movies you can see that as well in the PVR to make your day the best. What else you want? You will get all the things you want it is just you have to go there.

So, excited to add some unforgettable memories to the album named ‘Life’. Then it’s a perfect time. It is well said that there are millions of reason to be happy all you have to do is find one.

And the above-mentioned places have that reason. Just select what gives you peace and do it.

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