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Want To Travel To The Cake Land? So, Here Are 5 Bakers you must Try In Chandigarh.

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Tasty Cakes have a direct passage to the soul. No matter how your mood is, cakes always bring that million-dollar smile on your face. You know what happiness is eating cakes, cupcakes, and more cakes. You can never say NO to cake? Right?

So, are you ready to get lost in your dreamland? Yes! Then let's get started.

1) Nik Bakers

If you search for 'best cakes in Chandigarh, ' Nik Bakers will be on the top. Every penny spent on their cakes is worth it. Their service and atmosphere are like add ons to their tasty food.

Even if they offer a discount on some cakes, all you have to do is ask them, 'Which ones are cakes of the day?' And trust me, the only issue you will face will be deciding which one to choose as they all are just mesmerizing.

Zomato Link of Nik Baker's

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2) Bani Z Bakelicious

Is your best friend's birthday around the corner? Want the cake to be customized? Confused whether the taste will be as good as the appearance or not? Then Bani Z Bakelicious is the solution you are looking for.

You will end up by licking your fingers for sure. Bani Z Bakelicious is among the best bakers in Chandigarh. No matter what the occasion is, they bake all sorts of cakes according to your demands. All you have to do is to place the order 2-3 days prior to the expected day and will get the jaw-dropping cake.

You can go on to their Instagram page to check and place the order.

Instagram Link of Bani Z Bakelicious

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3) Monica's

The next in the list is Monica's. Do you want your taste buds to fall in eternal sort of love? If yes, Then Monica's is the place.

They deliver what they promise. Monica's believes in delivering the best quality of products and that is very much clear with their motto' Understated elegance, uncompromising quality, Unquestionable taste'.

They have all you need, whether it be classic cakes, customized cakes, cupcakes, dry cakes, macaroons, etc.

Zomato Link of Monica's

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4) Cake A Reuni

The 4th place is secured by the mesmerizing baker of Cake A Reuni. This is the place where you can get what you're looking for. All you're supposed to do is just to let them know about your requirements and the flavor you want and then wait until the magic happens.

Be ready to let the cake dissolve in your mouth and to get lost in the cake land. And if you are thinking, how can you place the order, then visit their Instagram page and place your order.

Zomato Link of Cake A Reuni

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5) Oven Fresh

Oven fresh is known for the superior quality of material used, plus they are more into customer satisfaction than earning profit. The taste of their cakes will make you crave for it.

They offer a wide variety of cakes which are suitable for different occasions. What else do you want?

Zomato Link of Oven Fresh

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So, these are the top 5 cake shops in Chandigarh which you must visit. Nothing is more satisfying than keeping your taste buds satisfied. Are you still thinking about how taste buds can be satisfied? Try the cakes of these bakers, and you will get the answer.

Let the mesmerizing taste of the best quality cakes take you to the 'promised land' of cake land. What are you waiting for? Go try them on. Every day is an occasion in itself, and cakes are always an eternal part of celebrations.

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